Hollow grinding machines series HG-CNC


HG2-CNC with automatic loading and unloading

HG 2-CNC/detail

Position of grinding wheels 45°

Double sided hollow grinding is used for blades of kitchen and steak knives, hunting and sports knives, pocket knives, and handtools e.g. saw blades

This type of machines utilizes 2 cup wheels, each wheel at an angle of 45 to the blade. This arrangement results in an consistent hollow bevel shape over the entire wheel life. Depending on the thickness of the blank, the bevel width, and edge thickness required, a grinding wheel with a suitable inside diameter and wall thickness is chosen so that the resulting outside diameter corresponds to one of the readily available sizes.

  • typically wheels with an outside diameter of 80, 125, 175, 200, 220 mm are in use
  • directly driven grinding wheel spindles. The special heavy-duty spindle motors are totally enclosed (moisture protection). The large precision motor bearings are sealed
  • wheel wear is automatically compensated after each grinding cycle with a digital measuring system
  • automatic central grease lubrication system
  • digital 4-axis digital Windows controllers (X, Y, and the 2 spindle axes)
  • grinding length up to 430 mm
  • sensor programming, probing of contour shape and direct generating of necessary program data
  • integration of CNC-controlled scotch brite station in order to polish the blade in the same clamping
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Workpiece examples

conventional: HS2/S-H
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